Top 4 Tips to Help You Stay Creative at Home


My favorite tips to help you find creative inspiration while staying at home!



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You can choose your own creative adventure.

The older we get, the more we miss out on built-in downtime, like school holidays, Spring Break or summer vacation, and taking a break is a big part of keeping our creativity flowing. And it’s even more important now to find ways to stay creative—even when you’re at home!

So it’s even more important as adults that we explore new ways—rituals, habits, staycation plans—to keep our minds inspired, our spirits up and our actions aligned with what matters most to us. 

While I can’t give you extra PTO (man, I wish!), I can offer you some of my favorite tips to help design your own at-home adventure and spark your imagination. 

Global Music & Food

If you’re an avid traveler, it can be difficult to feel inspired staring at the same four walls day after day, but you can immerse yourself in another culture without ever leaving your laptop. 

I love this tip I received from a client of mine—write the names of the countries you want to visit on pieces of paper, put them in a jar, and choose a random one each week. Then pull up the Spotify Top 50 hits playlist for that country and rock out to a whole new musical experience. (Perfect for WFH time too!) 

All you have to do is type in “Top 50” + the country, and you’ll get the most played tracks, updated daily, in locations all around the globe. Plus, music affects the right side of our brains more than the left. We’re already putting our left brain to good use for most of our daily activities, so this melodious escape stimulates all your gray matter—and will help keep your creative juices flowing at home!

P.S. Add another element by trying some traditional healthy recipes from each country as well to stimulate all your senses. 

Listening to music is a good way to find creative inspiration.

On-Line Art Experience

If you love to explore the works of the masters to find inspiration, there are plenty of virtual opportunities right now to help spark your imagination and creativity at home. And some of them may offer an even better view of masterpieces than if you were there in person!

Start at the top of the list with the infamous Louvre. You can peruse the museum’s galleries, admire the palatial architecture and save a chunk of change on airfare with their online tour option. You can even analyze Mona Lisa’s smile from home in her first VR experience.

London’s National Theater has opened its extensive archive of recordings to the public, which you used to only be able to view in house. While there is a subscription fee to access the whole library, new plays are added every month and you’re sure to see quite a few familiar famous faces.   Once subscribed, you can use their app to watch on Apple or Google devices, Amazon Fire TV and Roku TV, so perhaps take a picnic and have a viewing in the park!

Check out Great Performances on PBS too. There are ballets, concerts, musicals, plays and more available to stream online or watch on your local station. And if the lights of Broadway are calling, check in with your favorite musical talents each week on the Stars in the House YouTube show. 

Looking at art is a good way to find creative inspiration.

The Artist’s Way or the Highway

Creativity guru, author and teacher Julia Cameron has been helping creative people live more productive and fulfilling lives by asking them to slow down. In her book The Artist’s Way, she encourages you to write out (yes, by hand) at least three pages each morning before you jump into your busy day. 

There’s no judgement here; it’s all free writing—a big brain dump. You don’t even need to be particularly artistic to benefit from the exercise either. It’s simply a highly beneficial habit to help you clear your mind, slough off doubt and anxiety and not lose any important ideas.

I am a HUGE fan of journaling, and I know if you give it a try for the next few weeks, you’ll find you can keep your creative juices flowing (even at home) so much more effectively! because you don’t have a million things bouncing around your head. 

Journaling is a good practice to boost creative inspiration.

P.S. Meditation is also another great way to clear your mind in the morning and carve our more space for inspiration to take hold. My guided Heart Opening Meditation is designed to help you navigate these intense emotional times and let in the love. 

Move Your Bootie

Look, I know you know how important movement is for your health, but it’s good for your brain too. You can literally shake away stress and stagnation and pump your body full of mood-boosting neurotransmitters with a simple 10-minute dance break. 

So if you’re already at home for your creative adventure, you might as well dance like no one is watching. For real, cause no one is!

And speaking of going with the flow, here is a Spark Your Creativity Yoga Flow to help you build the practice of connecting to your body and intuition. When you are more clear on who you truly are and what your body and soul need, you can take more meaningful action toward your goals. 

Yoga can clear your mind and help you find creative inspiration.

Let me know how you stay creative at home when things feel stagnant in the comments below or in The Badass Beauty Club. I can’t wait to hear all the new ways you’ve been finding inspiration!

LOVE + happy travels! 😉

Moniqua Plante


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