Why Every Actor Needs A Sacred Space (and How To Create One)


Every actor needs a sacred space for rest and rejuvenation. Here are 5 tips to turn your bedroom (or any room) into a self care sanctuary.



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We’ve been discussing how to harness this summer’s celestial energy to help you manifest more in your acting career and life. But all the opportunities in the world won’t mean a thing if you’re too exhausted and burnt out to enjoy them. Rest and rejuvenation are key elements to success, and a perfect way to implement this is to carve out a little spot in your home to create a sacred space.

Let me explain what I mean by a sacred space. It’s a power space, as Marie Kondo calls it, a spot just for you. It’s a space filled with the things that bring a smile to your face and refill your proverbial cup. 

Your sacred space could be an altar or a cozy corner to meditate in. Or it can be as simple as a console where you keep photos and keepsakes on display (and maybe one day, that Oscar/Tony/Emmy too!). 

But I actually think the best place to put your sacred space is in your bedroom. 

Your bedroom is a deeply personal space already: it’s where you sleep, have sex, meditate and/or pray, dress. So, as a place where you already recharge and reboot, you can unabashedly give yourself the care and attention you need here with ease, in order to bring your A-game to set.

Here are my tips to turn your bedroom (or any other room) into a self care sanctuary, so you can meet the second half of the year with positive energy, love and peace.

actor sacred space

Your bedroom is where you kick off your day and end your evening, and it’s an important part of your self care rituals. Creating some spa-like vibes will help you soothe your tired body, mind and soul into a peaceful state. 

When you’re able to relax, not only will you sleep better, but your concentration and focus will be sharper. And downtime without distraction and worry is a great platform to spark creativity. 

1) Experiment With Lighting To Set The Mood

Lighting is a key component of a calming atmosphere. I love dimmers as an easy solution to creating ambiance in your home, and candles, candles, candles for an inexpensive option. I have a cute vintage lamp that I have put a red light bulb in; it’s enough light to still read a book, but not enough to change the mood, shock my eyes or trick my brain into producing cortisol (which will keep you up!!)

Start dimming those lights and lighting those candles 1-2 hours before bedtime. And don’t forget about your electronics as well, like your smartphone. Install a blue filter app that can begin to dim the brightness at sundown, like Iris and Twilight (Android only).

2) Add Personal Touches That Bring You Joy

Fill your sacred space with personal touches that bring joy to your soul. Pin up affirmations on the wall or display beloved trinkets. Add plush throw pillows and make a dedicated place to meditate. It can even be as simple as a place you draw or journal. 

Just make sure the space is not only visually appealing, but inspires you as well.

And don’t forget that the nose always knows. Use fragrances that help you stay calm. I personally love palo santo smudging sticks to cleanse the energy in my room.

Once you’re settled in, check out my guided meditation for Abundance and Prosperity.

sacred space for actors

3) Use An Altar As An Energetic Focal Point

A lot of people create an altar—and it doesn’t have to be religious! It can be as simple as including crystals, candles and maybe a small statue or vase with flowers. Altars provide a specific point in your sacred space to center your energy. 

Maybe you keep a journal there to write down your dreams, desires or fears. Then you can leave those emotions at the altar once you’ve let them out, and concentrate on peaceful relaxation in the rest of your space. 

I personally love using crystals to improve and detox the energy around me. Even if you’re not into them, it’s kinda fun to research which crystals can help strengthen your bod or calm your busy thoughts before an audition. Holding them, meditating with them or placing them on your nightstand while you sleep are all ways to tap into their healing powers.

Selenite promotes calm and serenity and supposedly even helps you access higher levels of consciousness by raising your vibrations. Smoky quartz is another good one to help lower stress and detoxify your body. As the stone of unconditional love, rose quartz is good for healing emotional trauma and heartbreak.

actor sacred space

4) Make It A Work-Free Zone

If your bedroom doubles as a workspace, be sure to create some important separation.

Every night, make sure all the power is switched off on your computer, printer and desk lamp, so those energy waves don’t disturb you. If your WiFi is in your bedroom or close to it, I highly recommend turning that off at night as well!

Cover your computer monitor, put your laptop away in a drawer (and never use it on your bed!), and have a place to hide paper clutter away. I know it’s hard to “unsee” your desk, but at least if it’s a clear, clean surface, you’ll be reminded that office hours are over for the day. Time to unwind!

5) Bring Your Healthy Habits In With You 

Creating a sacred space in your home wouldn’t be complete without touching on food. So often when we’re busy or stressed, we bring food into the bedroom. What’s on the menu not only affects our bodies but our serenity as well. 

The healthier you’re eating, the better you’ll feel, and the more you can enjoy and take advantage of the benefits of your sacred space. If you’re bloated, gassy or having digestive issues from snacking on junk food, you’ll be more distracted and make this type of self care less of a priority.

sacred space for actors

Processed comfort meals and cheap junk food may provide temporary relief from stress, but there are high hidden costs to your physical and mental health.  So, keep non-toxic real food in your kitchen and your belly. (Herbal formulas and tinctures count too!) 

Check out my easy Iced Golden Milk and Ginger Latte. It’s sweet, a little spicy, and a perfect way to cool down in your new sacred space. 

My challenge for you this week is to create your own sacred space (even if it’s just a small corner in your home) and post a picture of it on Instagram. Don’t forget to tag me @moniquaplantewellness

LOVE + peaceful positivity!

Moniqua Plante

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