Moniqua’s Must Have for May: Entertainment Community Fund


There are many organizations offering assistance to the creative community that you may not even realize, to help you feel grounded again. Here’s one to begin exploring.



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In case you missed my announcement, I’m participating in the Gifts for Actors Giveaway this year again, and in the spirit of giving, I want to share another amazing resource for actors. 

Now that we’re (mostly) maskless and back to the grindstone, it can be easy to feel like the time to voice your mental or physical health concerns has passed. For many people, lockdown was a very difficult time, and just because the situation has changed, it doesn’t mean everything is necessarily “back to normal”. 

It’s perfectly valid to still feel exhausted or anxious, to not feel ready to dive back into big social events, and even to question your path forward. 

I just want to remind you that there are organizations out there offering assistance to the creative community, and you may not even realize they’re still giving out emergency funding and free or low cost social services to help you get back on your feet.

In a way, we’re all beginners again, navigating the new safety protocols (that change every week!) on set and putting in more hours on our devices as the industry shifts more and more to doing business online. 

Don’t forget to review my tips here on how you can benefit from embracing a beginner’s mindset. One important aspect is to not be afraid to reach out for guidance. As actors, we learn new dialogue, accents, choreography, stunts, and more all the time for work, but when it comes to our own life skills, we can be a bit neglectful. 

That’s why I wanted to share the Entertainment Community Fund as my May “Must Have”.

Formerly known as The Actors Fund, this 140-year-old national human services organization is for everyone in performing arts and entertainment. In fact, that’s what prompted their recent name change just a few weeks ago. (👏👏 Bravo for inclusivity!) 

Their mission is to provide support for artists “in every aspect over their lifespan and throughout the entire course of their careers”, to be a helping hand when times are tough. In response to the pandemic, the Entertainment Community Fund expanded their operations and many actors found them a source of stability during those lean times in lockdown. 

They offer free workshops covering practical guidance on housing, insurance, financial planning, and finding survival jobs in between projects, as well as meditation, creative writing and support groups. You can also apply for Emergency Financial Assistance.  

With so much still going on in the world right now, it can be tempting to want to isolate, but lean on the creative community and take advantage of the resources available. They were created with you in mind, after all! 

Have you checked out the Entertainment Community Fund already? What other actor resources do you think we should know about? Let’s start a group list in the comments!

LOVE + gratitude!

Moniqua Plante

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