5 Entertainment Groups Helping The Environment


For actors, we don’t have much say in how a production handles sustainability, but we can still work behind the scenes to reduce waste.



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environmental organizations entertainment

I bet you’re pretty environmentally savvy at home, but what about at work? For actors, we don’t have much say in how a production handles sustainability, but there are environmental groups in the entertainment industry we can be a part of that are working behind the scenes to reduce waste, decrease their negative footprint and support the community.

We’ve been talking about how taking action on climate change is not only good for the planet, but for your mental health too! (Ruminating on negative thoughts and anxiety can lead to longer cycles of worry and possibly trigger depressive symptoms.) 

So, I thought I would share a few organizations specifically involved with artists, actors and creative professionals to make a positive impact in the environment. 

How Hollywood Is Going Green

Before we dive into the list, it should be noted that it’s not just smaller, grassroot organizations that are fighting for sustainability in the entertainment industry. Studio giants have committed to do their part as well. 

For example, Sony Pictures in Culver City, CA has been repurposing 90 percent of its local waste for the past decade. Leftover food, furniture and clothing from in-studio productions is either donated or burned to generate electricity for the city.  NBCUniversal offers simple yet thorough visual guides for sustainable best practices when setting up production offices, constructing sets and on location. And 21st Century Fox tracks all its carbon emissions, which has led to a 15% reduction per shoot day. 

environmental groups entertainment

So when you’re next on set, pay attention to the sustainable practices around you, like recycling, paperless initiatives, reusing resources and donations of food and goods to local food banks or charities. 

And if you’re creating your own content, take some time during pre-production to consider how you and your team can make the magic happen in the most environmentally friendly way. 😉 

Environmental Groups in the Biz You Should Know

Rock and Wrap It Up!

This New York based organization began its “It’s a Wrap” program in 1996. They currently redistribute food donations from 56 different productions, including TV series, feature films, and talk-shows in major cities such as Los Angeles, Portland, Atlanta, Boston and New York. They have expanded to sports events, music venues, hotels and conferences and even schools, making sure that good excess food ends up in hungry tummies instead of landfills. 

They have so many amazing initiatives and ways to get involved with this group, but if you want to look for a local group that’s fighting food waste in your neighborhood, check out Sustainable America’s food rescue directory.

environmental groups entertainment

Materials for the Arts

Ben Philipp, a costume coordinator for HBO’s Boardwalk Empire, shared that after the show ended, that part of the extensive costume collection was donated to places like Material for the Arts. This hub in NYC takes in unwanted creative items such as paper, fabric, buttons, beads, arts & crafts supplies, small appliances, hardware and household items. Then these resources are distributed to arts nonprofits, public schools and programs. 

P.S. Lots of costumes are reused in new productions. Check out this fun database of recycled movie costumes. 

Environmental Media Organization

The EMA has been on a mission to promote environmental education and action through storytelling since 1989. They pitch environmental storylines and characters to writers (some that have hit the big and small screens in “Scandal,” “Contagion” and “Avatar”!). The group gives their EMA Green Seal of approval to studios with guidelines and criteria on sustainability. And, they host a number of events throughout the year, bringing together climate change scientists and activists with professionals in the entertainment industry. 

environmental groups entertainment

Climate Change Theatre Action

Want to act for climate change… literally? This group creates a worldwide series of “readings and performances of short climate change plays presented biennially to coincide with the United Nations COP meetings”. Professional playwrights create the pieces and offer the materials free to artists, who in turn design events to showcase the works. The events can be readings, public performances, radio shows, podcasts, film adaptations – the sky’s the limit!

Plus, the CCTA encourages the events to coincide with a community activity, whether that be donating to a food bank or having letter writing to legislators in the lobby before a performance. It’s a great way to be creative and raise awareness.


I really love DearTomorrow. This award-winning climate storytelling project encourages you to write messages to loved ones living in the future with your thoughts, wishes and plan to help combat climate change. As you know, lots of the efforts we make now for the environment will yield rewards we may never see. Co-founders Jill Kubit and Trisha Shrum want to display the personal investment we have to keep our planet beautiful for future generations. 

environmental groups entertainment

Have you seen sustainable practices on set, the stage, or behind the scenes? What environmental groups have you worked with in the entertainment industry? Let me know in the comments below, and we can expand on our list of resources.

LOVE + making a difference!

Moniqua Plante

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