4 Health Benefits of Volunteering


Volunteering is a worthy way to strengthen your creativity and develop your unique skills (while reaping health benefits too!)



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health benefits of volunteering

Sometimes, all the problems in the world feel overwhelming and unfixable. Can you relate? The good news is that even small actions can help make a positive difference in big issues. We’ve been talking all month long about ways we as artists can make a big impact on the world around us through our actions, not just our artistry.

So, whether you’re ready to be a full-tilt activist, or just want to spend a few Saturdays helping your favorite cause, volunteering brings wonderful health benefits—like a sense of community and purpose, better mood and self esteem and less stress.  

And if you’re looking for an out-of-the-box way to build relationships within the industry, there are plenty of actors and creative people who are dedicated to worthy causes that you may want to get involved with too.  

Here are 4 ways volunteering does a body good. 

1) Gain A Sense Of Community

Volunteering is a great way to meet new people who share the same values and passion for a better world. And like I said before, there are so many actors involved with activism and charity, so you’re in good company. 

Here are just a few that have focused their efforts on the climate crisis.

  • Oscar Winner and Sundance Institute Founder Robert Redford has been a trustee of the Natural Resources Defense Council since 1972, which fights climate change and works to “safeguard the earth – its people, its plants and animals.”  
  • Our favorite Veep, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, also sits on the leadership council for the Natural Resources Defense Council. She is also very involved with protecting our oceans and clean water sources. 
  • Marvel stars Mark Ruffalo, who has been vocal on issues like fracking, and Don Cheadle, a U.N. Environment Programme goodwill ambassador, work closely with The Solutions Project. This group works closely with grassroots organizations, providing guidance and financial support to help create a 100% renewable energy world, with a strong emphasis on creating a platform for female leadership and leaders of color.  
  • Leonardo DiCaprio has produced climate change documentaries, such as “Before the Flood” and “And We Go Green”. He is an outspoken environmentalist and makes sizable donations to non-profit organizations in the sector. 

health benefits of volunteering

2) Boost Your Self Confidence

Even if nothing is going the way you expect in your life – you were late for a meeting, you flubbed your lines in an audition, you lost out on a big role – spending a little time giving back can seriously boost your mood! 

As a creative person, you can use your unique skills and talents to make a bigger impact on the world. (And you’ll improve them to boot by giving them a new challenge.) Volunteering can provide a sense of purpose when you feel aimless, and it’s also a great reminder that there is so much more to life than our careers!  

3) Combat Depression

Man, it is so easy to fall into a rabbit hole of scary news stories, anxiety and worry nowadays. But volunteering for causes that matter to you is a proven way to regain a sense of control, combat feelings of helplessness and restore your hope for the future. 

One of the biggest health benefits to volunteering our time and energy with others is that it also helps your mental health too. Humans are hard-wired to help one another, so it keeps our brains happy. Plus, as your stress decreases, you’ll sleep better, fight off colds better and possibly even live longer! 

Community is one of the health benefits of volunteering.

4) See The Change In The World

I love this quote: Well-being is not a spectator sport. If we want to live in a safer, cleaner, healthier world, it’s up to us to create that environment. 

And you can see the impact of your positive actions sometimes almost immediately when you volunteer. An elderly person’s smile during a nursing home visit. A road or beach clear of trash. A wall built on a Saturday with Habitat for Humanity. 

So, where will you begin? Which worthy cause would you like to volunteer for? Were you surprised by any of the health benefits? Let me know in the comments below.

LOVE + gratitude!

Moniqua Plante

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