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Finding a thoughtful, useful and unique gift is like discovering treasure—so everything I’m sharing is not only fun + functional but good for the mind, body and planet.



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It’s beginning to look a lot like that time of year again… the unveiling of the 6th annual Holiday Gift Guide! 

This curated list is designed to help simplify your shopping while still spreading a lot of joy to the wonderful people in your life. Finding a thoughtful, useful and unique gift is like discovering treasure—so everything I’m sharing is not only fun + functional but good for the mind, body and planet.

Plus, there’s something for every budget.

Get ready to fill your loved ones’ stockings with cheer (and maybe pick up something for yourself too)!

Forever Eye Mask by Dieux

Love a good under eye mask before a big holiday party, but hate trying to keep them together for more than one use? Dieux offers a sustainable option that is designed to keep depuffing your peepers for up to a WHOLE YEAR!

The Forever Eye Mask is a lightweight, reusable eye patch that you can use with your favorite gels, serums, and creams, so you can customize your beauty routine and ensure all your products get maximum absorption.  

Purchase Here.

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Crystal Gua Sha Spoon by Tata Harper

Pronounced “gwah sha”, the “gua” means scrape and the “sha” refers to the redness of skin. This technique is often also referred to as skin scraping, spooning, or coining. It sounds uncomfortable, but once it’s a regular part of your skincare routine, it’s the most amazing massage that brings tons of great benefits for your bod.

This unique jade spoon style is carefully designed to help to relieve tension and leave your skin looking lifted. And bonus, the smaller end is able to reach delicate areas of your face and acupressure points you wouldn’t normally be able to reach as well with a typical gua sha tool. 

Purchase here.

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Foam Rollers

This gift is the perfect choice for the hard-to-shop for friends/partners/men in your life, as well as anyone into fitness. And you can buy it in various sizes to ensure they’re taking proper care of all their muscles. 

Here are a few different options to check out: 

What I love about the Theragun Wave Roller is that it connects via bluetooth to an app, and you can choose a vibrating speed based on the exact relaxation you need – be it warm up, cool down, or anything in between.

321 STRONG’s Foam Roller is company enough to fit in your gym bag and offers 3 unique textures that replicate thumbs, fingers, and palm massage. It also comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns. 

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If you’re always on the go, a Collapsible Travel Foam Roller means you won’t have to sacrifice your post-workout routine on the road. And the THERABAND Foot Roller is the perfect stocking stuffer size to help ease Plantar Fasciitis or just tired feet from the holiday hustle!  

Mushroom Coffee + More by Four Sigmatic

If you read my blog about alternative coffee add-ins, you may remember that I believe mushrooms could actually save the planet. They are also a fab alternative to your regular caffeine fix!

Four Sigmatic makes amazing coffee and elixirs with different mushroom varieties that really showcase their antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and immune-boosting properties. I love these for traveling, when I need to bolster my adrenal glands in times of stress, and to balance out hormones naturally. 

I recommend getting one of their amazing holiday bundles, so you can have a nice variety of tasty beverages that are also really good for your health! 

Purchase here.Use the code THEPLANTELIFEFS at Four Sigmatic for a discount too!

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Self Heating Mug Set by Ui 

This set is one of my favorite gifts that I ever received, so I had to include it again this year!  A self-heating coffee mug that also charges my phone = brilliant! The design is so chic, and it’s perfect for any entrepreneur badass on your gift list. 

Purchase here.

The Milk Maker by Almond Cow

For the person who loves homemade everything or the all-natural goddess, I love this nut milk maker. Just pour the nuts in, add water and press a button. ET VOILA! You can make healthy plant-based milk using any nut, seed, or grain – NO straining required. 

Purchase here. 

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Self-Love Card Deck by We’re Not Really Strangers 

With short prompts and inspiring affirmations, this little card deck is perfect for a night with close friends or a date night with yourself! All the games and journals on WNRS were created by Los Angeles based model and artist Koreen with “the intention of empowering meaningful connections with others”, so be sure to browse the other products. 

Purchase here.

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Sunrise / Sunset Lights

If you have any workaholics on your gift list, help them get a good night’s rest with one of these lights that mimic the natural transition of the sun from day to night. 

So often we spend our evening hours staring at screens that make it difficult to then fall asleep. The Glow Light by Casper gradually dims to help you wind down into a deeper slumber. You can also twist it to change the brightness, so it’s super simple for all ages to use, and it’s small enough to carry as a night light. 

For an easy start in the morning, the Hatch Restore Sunrise Alarm Clock is a popular option (though you can find a lot of dupes online too!). Hatch designs its products to support healthy sleep hygiene and manage cortisol levels, so this baby has lots of options for soothing sounds, white noise and lighting. 

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Expert Health Coaching

Why not treat yourself (or a loved one) to health and wellness coaching this year? We lead such busy lives that our bodies are often begging us to take real care of ourselves. 

This is an investment that yields tremendous rewards for not just your body but for your future!

Glowing Skin. Better Sleep. Less Stress. Soaring Energy. Abundance. Confidence. Happiness. Room to Breathe Each Day. A Body and Life You Love.

Our work together is customized to fit your needs, goals and challenges. We’ll laugh, cry, drop the occasional F-bomb, and make some serious feel-good change happen.

So if you know it’s time to make a change, let’s schedule a free Vibe Session to chat.  

What’s your favorite gift to give? Do you have a special find this year we need to know about? Let me know in the comments below.

LOVE + happy shopping!

Moniqua Plante

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