My Favorite Year-End Ritual (And Why You Should Try It Too)

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These reflective exercises really help me close out December in a good frame of mind, so I can focus on kicking butt in the New Year!



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year-end ritual

Do you have any favorite year-end rituals? I have a few that I have been using for awhile now, and they really help me close out December in a good frame of mind, so I can focus on kicking butt in the New Year!

It’s not about making resolutions though—only about 8% of those suckers get successfully completed by the end of the year. This process is about taking an honest look at the previous 12 months, celebrating wins, and setting intentions to help guide my growth in the year to come. 

And that sounds better than a long list of to-do’s, for sure!

Read on to learn how to tie up 2021 in a beautiful bow and sashay forward to all the badass goals you’re going to crush in the New Year!

Toast with this year-end ritual

1) Take A Quick Review of the Past Year 

Before you make plans for the New Year, take a final glance at the previous 12 months before you pack them away. While you don’t want to dwell too long on the past, doing a year-end review will give you a better barometer of what motivates you and what doesn’t fit into your life anymore. 

So much can change in a year, including your priorities, so what seemed like a must last January might not resonate with who you are now. And that’s totally normal, by the way!

Set aside at least 30 minutes to journal (or write yourself a letter, vlog — whatever feels right for you) about the past year. Here are a few specific questions to help you get started:

If you could pick one word to describe your 2021, what would it be? 

What did you accomplish this year (both personally and professionally)?

How did you take care of yourself this year (mentally, physically and spiritually)?

What excited you this past year?

What left you feeling disappointed? 

What are you most proud of from the past year?

Where do you feel you need to improve?

year-end ritual

If you didn’t get the results you expected or accomplish all you set out for, don’t beat yourself up! Judging yourself will just hold you back from taking inspired action. If you need a little help in this area, check out my tips on practicing self-forgiveness and creating a judgement detox.

2) Visualize The Year Ahead (In Detail)

Now that you have a clear picture of 2021, it’s time to crystalize your vision for 2022! 

What do you want to manifest in your life in the New Year? I recommend writing out a detailed list of your desired outcome, to help you get super clear about your intentions and create a strong mental picture. Imagine an ideal day and describe from when you wake up to when you head to sleep. 

Once you have that picture set in your mind, I have a few out-of-the-box ways to sprinkle your wishes into your new year. Check them out here.  

You can also incorporate your vision for the future into your daily routine by using affirmations. They are simple to create and a great way to elevate your energy. Learn how to create your own here. And remember how you just picked a word to describe last year? Pick a new one to encompass what your hope for the new year too!

Finally, close out your brainstorm session with this easy 5-minute meditation that will help you call in more health, wealth and joy into your life.

year-end ritual

3) Refresh Your Energy (And Your Environment)

Your headspace is always numero uno, but a cluttered physical environment can deeply plague your mental well being. This is an important part of a year-end ritual that many people forget.  

I like to say goodbye to any bad energy and negative thoughts and feelings that might be lingering from the previous year by sageing my home. This ancient Native American technique used to clear spaces — and yourself — of stagnant, stale, negative energy or influences. 

It’s easy to do alone or with your partner or your BFF, and the process is simple enough that you can customize it, with music or lighting or just a girls’ night with pizza and laughter afterward. One of my clients dances in each room to clear its energy. It’s about taking back your space and filling it with cleaner, positive energy.

Click here for a breakdown of how to start sageing ASAP.

Sage is a great year-end ritual

4) Celebrate The Year-End

To close out your year-end ritual, gather your best girlfriends together and host a vision board party on New Year’s Day or the weekend after. The supply list is simple: poster boards, magazines, scissors, and glue sticks — but you can add in a little flair with glitter, stickers, ribbons, and markers.

I know you’ll love having this visual representation of your goals for the year ahead as much as I do! Make sure to have some fun with it because you’ll want to put it somewhere you can see it all year, like over your desk or in your room. (P.S. If you’re feeling brave, post a picture of your vision board on Instagram and tag @moniquaplantewellness and I’ll repost it!)

year-end ritual

If you’d prefer a party for one, check out Canva, where you can turn your vision board into desktop or phone wallpaper, or head over to Mind Movies, where you can create a digital video vision board, complete with a soundtrack and animation.

5) Schedule Your Self-Care Now

If you want to reach your goals and kick butt this upcoming year, you need to make yourself a priority. If you’re exhausted, stressed and your body feels like it’s falling apart, you’re going to spend far more time than you’d like concentrating on getting your health back on track before you can even touch your 2022 plans. 

And after the past few years, we all know how important staying in good health is!

Get some self-care scheduled in your calendar pronto! Here are some of my favorite ideas no matter how packed your January schedule looks.  

Then check that off your to-do list, and enjoy a warm holiday beverage!

Do you have a year-end ritual of your own? How do you like to close out the year? Let me know in the comments below. 👇🏼👇👇🏻👇🏿👇🏽👇🏾

LOVE + peaceful contemplation!

Moniqua Plante

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