How To Nurture Your Long-Distance Relationships, by Love Language


Long-distance relationships require extra thought, communication, and attention.



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How To Nurture Your Relationships from a Distance, by Love Language

Right now, it pretty much feels like we are ALL in long-distance relationships. And long-distance relationships require even more thought, communication, and attention—even in the best of circumstances.

You get busy. They forget to call. Suddenly, it’s been weeks since you connected. And that was before we were all under some form of social restriction! But regardless of whether you’re near or far, even the healthiest of relationships can use a little extra TLC.

Interaction is paramount to our mental well-being. Without it, we can increase our risk of depression, chronic health issues and self-destructive behaviors. 

All month, we’ve been discussing ways to translate your love language into healthy habits and simple actions to keep you connected and let’s be real—sane. While physical distance seems like a huge hurdle to overcome, I have some quick and easy suggestions to help you scale that proverbial wall and stay in contact with your friends, family and romantic partners, no matter where they are.

Mark As Read

One lesson that has been made clear over the past 12 months is: don’t wait to say the things that are important to you. Life is too short and too precious to worry about what other people think, or if you’ll say it at the right moment or the right way. 

It’s always the right time to let your friends and family know how much they mean to you. And thanks to modern technology, it’s as easy as clicking a few keys!

Standing Appointment

Like I laid out last week, when you’re spending quality time with someone special, make sure you are able to be 100% present. That means no phones, no work emails, no distractions. 

Schedule a time when you can chat on the phone with your bestie without multitasking chores or sneaking in a quick reply or two to your boss. Even better, get on Facetime or Zoom and video chat. 

A study by University of Oxford affirms that in order to maintain a close friendship, face-to-face contact is a must! Those IG hearts and FB thumbs up pale in comparison to seeing their face light up at a joke or a sincere smile. 

Special Delivery

As the old adage goes, it’s the thought that counts! So if you love to sprinkle surprises into your friends’ mailboxes, keep it simple. A funny greeting card or a gift card for a cup of coffee are sweet gestures that go a long way to spread joy. 

In lieu of birthday or anniversary presents this year, consider making a donation to charity in your friend’s name. Here are 26 Ways to Donate to Help Texas Winter Storm Victims right now. 

Lean On Me

We’ve witnessed so many ways neighbors and strangers have helped one another out during the pandemic. You can continue to follow that example by offering to help pickup groceries for a home-bound friend, running simple errands for your family like returning books to the library or dropping off their mail, etc. 

If your loved ones are all set, explore virtual volunteer opportunities. Here, here and here are a few resources to get you started. It’s scientifically proven that when you help others, you also reap the mood and health boosting benefits.  

Ways to handle social distancing

Invisible Touch

It’s tough to literally feel the love when you’re socially distancing alone, but there are alternatives that can come a close second. Obviously, you can connect through technology, but take it a step further and plan a simple shared activity together. 

Disregarding their nasty antics, those Mean Girls were on the right track when they said, “On Wednesdays, we wear pink.” It can be as simple as all your friends wearing the same color shirt on the same day, and knowing you’re all connected and thinking of one another. 

Brainstorm ways to connect with the important people in your life through other senses too. Does your grandma’s house always smell like vanilla? Buy a scented candle and light it in her honor. Did you steal your partner’s favorite sweatshirt? Slip it on. Is your mom’s lasagna recipe a favorite family secret? Then whip that up this weekend. YUM.

For your romantic partner, why not try phone sex? Or invest in a gadget like these Long Distance Touch Bracelet Set, where you can actually touch your bracelet and it sends a corresponding touch to your partner. Now that’s better lovin’ through science! 

How are you keeping up with people long distance right now? Let me know your favorite ways to connect in The Badass Beauty Club, and we can add on to the suggestion list! 

And be sure to join me every Friday morning for a weekly Facebook LIVE!

LOVE at any distance!

Moniqua Plante

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