Assume A Beginner’s Mindset (to Handle Uncertainty)

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I know I am not the only one who feels the intense cultural shifts happening in our global community—and in the face of all the uncertainty, it’s essential to assume a beginner’s mindset! Being a beginner doesn’t always mean going back to square one. Instead, it means adopting a mindset of openness. You still bring […]



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I know I am not the only one who feels the intense cultural shifts happening in our global community—and in the face of all the uncertainty, it’s essential to assume a beginner’s mindset!

Being a beginner doesn’t always mean going back to square one. Instead, it means adopting a mindset of openness. You still bring all the skills and amazing qualities you possess to the table, but you also recognize that you don’t know what you don’t know. And that is perfectly okay!

Now, if you’re a bit of a control freak, this might be super difficult. I get it. Who doesn’t feel butterflies in their stomach walking into a situation with little or no information? But the best part is: when you’re new, you’re free to make mistakes and take risks you might not have considered before.

I’ve discussed how liberating is it to assume a beginner’s mindset in previous posts, and I wanted to return to the topic now because this month is an especially good time to head back to basics. September is the season of new school supplies, sports openings, and just a hint of autumn in the air.

So, why not begin a new chapter in your lifestyle too?

The Magic of Beginning Again

Let’s face it, the concept of “fake it until you make it” is just plain exhausting. And especially right now, no one can predict what the next six months are going to look like. So cut yourself some slack for feeling confused, stagnant, or even scared!  

It’s perfectly natural to feel these kinds of emotions when in an unfamiliar situation—but new situations can also bring excitement, wonder, and joy. Think of all the fun children have when they experience something for the very first time. It’s like magic! And when you assume a beginner’s mindset, you’ll have the opportunity to experience the joy and magic of life all over again. 

Tell Your Inner Critic To Split

As adults, we are usually our harshest critics. We set way-too-high expectations to prove our worth to ourselves (or some imaginary jury of our peers). Then when we don’t meet the bar, the negative talk starts to flow. When you assume a beginner’s mindset, you have a distinct advantage: you have nothing to prove!

So, you can indulge your curiosity and follow your imagination wherever it takes you. Often, that place is innovation! Our comfort zones are well, comfortable, but change and growth don’t happen there. Change happens when we step into the unknown! So remember to be gentle with yourself as you’re taking baby steps into new endeavors and opportunities. 

What The World Needs Now…

My favorite element of a beginner’s mindset is that it reminds us to be better human beings. When we’re frustrated by social distancing or impatient because we’ve been cooped up inside too long, it’s easy to take out our frustration on beginners. 

I see it a lot on the ski slopes, when someone is slow or wobbly, or holding up the route. But ALL of us were beginners at one time. A beginner’s mindset reminds us that life has lots of dips, do-overs, and second chances. So, the next time we see someone struggling with learning something new, we know a little compassion and patience can go a long way. 

Put It Into Action

So how do you put a beginner’s mindset into action? Just like learning to ride a bike, or a dance routine or computer coding or cooking a souffle— practice makes perfect! Create routines and rituals that support your new perspective in these uncertain times. They will help you stay consistent and move forward faster.

Include meditation and journaling to reflect on this unique time in your life. You may even discover it brings gifts or ah-ha moments you didn’t expect. Be sure to reward yourself for both your big and small victories. Celebrating your progress is an important element to continued success. 

Pick a few favorite mantras to repeat when you notice your inner critic making noise in your head. And most importantly, remember that we all need teachers. 

You wouldn’t pick up a guitar for the first time and expect to immediately play like the Hendrix, would you? Or try to snowboard down a black diamond ski run without ever having a lesson? Nope. Working with a coach, mentor or teacher is a nice (and sometimes an essential) way to begin anything new, so don’t be afraid to ask for help. 

Do you feel like you’ve been starting over lately? How will you begin to incorporate these suggestions into your daily routine? Let me know by posting in the Badass Beauty Club on Facebook. 

And join me for our FRIDAY FACEBOOK LIVE on Friday, September 4th at 9am PST in the Badass Beauty Club!

LOVE + double do-overs!



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