3 Signs Your Intuition Sends You About Relationships

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Our relationships have a big impact on our well-being, so it’s important to trust your gut when you feel something isn’t right.



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Signs Your Intuition Is Sending About Your Relationships

Have you ever had a gut feeling about someone that turned out to be true? Well, your intuition may be sending you signs about your relationships that are not to be ignored!

I think we’ve all been there—whether it is hanging with friends, out on dates or mingling by the proverbial water cooler with co-workers and colleagues. Sometimes, our instinct is on point, and we just know that things aren’t right. 

And it’s a good thing too. Our relationships have a big impact on our well-being. In fact, some experts believe our friendships may even be a “stronger predictor of health than having close family members.” 

We spend a lot of time doing shared activities with our friends and co-workers. If those activities are healthy and positive, we obviously benefit from that. With a solid social support system, you reduce your risk of depression, high blood pressure, and diabetes.

But what about those times when you’re off your game and toxic people slip into your life? 

I’ve got your back! I’ve put together a quick list of 3 signs your intuition might be sending about your relationships that you may not even realize (and how you could be actively ignoring them!).

Signs Your Intuition Is Sending About Your Relationships

You Feel Uncomfortable, Bored or Just Plain Exhausted.  

Not everyone is the life of the party, but in general, you want to feel good after spending time with someone more often than not. And as a creative person, you may be especially sensitive to the energy other people share with you. 

One reason we ignore this sign from our intuition is because we desperately want things to work out, so much so we’re willing to put up with behavior that may be detrimental to us. But just like an opportunity that isn’t the right fit, we need to be able to walk away from relationships that no longer serve us or hurt our health and well-being. 

If hanging out with a friend always takes your emotions on a roller coaster ride, that extra stress could affect your ability to focus and innovate. At the very least, it is a good idea to steer clear of them when you have a big deadline, audition or role coming up, or set clear boundaries around your time. 

Signs Your Intuition Is Sending About Your Relationships

You Can’t Trust Them

It’s important that you feel safe, and that is not a luxury! Great relationships are a two-way street and being able to get vulnerable with your friends and partners without it becoming public or being used against you is a key building block. 

While you may not be besties with your co-workers or clients, feeling supported and heard can go a long way to fruitful collaboration, especially in creative work. 

Signs Your Intuition Is Sending About Your Relationships

One reason we ignore this sign from our intuition is by giving the power to someone we admire or want to please and let them call the shots. It is easy to dismiss your gut feeling when someone higher up than you says, “Oh, that’s normal. Typical blah-blah… just ignore it.” 

If you don’t trust them, trust yourself! Just like you get butterflies in your stomach when you’re excited, a queasy tummy can be a good indicator that you’re uneasy.  

You Don’t Feel You Can Be Your True Self

You are amazing. You have so many wonderful gifts to share with others, and you can do that without twisting yourself into a pretzel to fit into someone else’s mold. 

One reason we ignore this sign from our intuition is by “shoulding” on ourselves. (I love that expression! I think I first heard it from Dallas Travers.) 

I should look like this.

I should act like that. 

I should be OK with this.

I should know these things before I even try. 

And on and on… Great relationships bring out the best in us. You don’t have to agree on everything to listen, love and respect one another. 

And if you cannot share your authentic self, what’s the point? 

Signs Your Intuition Is Sending About Your Relationships

I hope these tips help you recognize your intuitive signs. If any resonate with you, take some time alone to get grounded and check in with your physical body and your emotions to decide whether it’s time to make some adjustments in your relationships (or even how you’re showing up as a friend, partner or co-worker!).  

Let me know how I can support you, by leaving a comment below or in The Badass Beauty Club on Facebook.

P.S. Now that you’ve detoxed your relationships, how about clearing your physical space of negative energy with this saging tutorial.

LOVE + positivity!

Moniqua Plante

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