Why You Should Pursue A Life Outside of Work


A life outside of your career can improve your health—and even lead to greater success!



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I know it feels a little weird to talk about health and wellbeing right now, while so many brave Ukrainians are literally fighting for theirs and so much more. 

When the news is scary and uncertain, especially so far away, it’s easy to feel helpless and/or isolated. Connection is actually a powerful way to navigate through a crisis. Reach out to a good friend, spend time with your family, and if you’re able, donate to the organizations providing support and supplies to the people of Ukraine right now.  

Below are a few verified and well-rated organizations to consider supporting right now. 

  • Project C.U.R.E. was founded in 1987 to “address the staggering shortage of medical resources around the world”. They are currently providing financial support to hospitals in Ukraine.
    CharityNavigator Report / Donate Here
  • CARE, founded in 1945, is a leading humanitarian organization fighting global poverty. Along with local partners on the ground in Ukraine, their goal is to reach at least four million Ukrainians with immediate aid and recovery in the form of food, water, hygiene kits, psychosocial support services, and cash assistance.
    CharityNavigator Report / Donate Here

  • International Medical Corps has a long history of relief work in Ukraine, delivering primary health care and mental health services. In addition to teams in the country at present, they also have representatives in Poland and Hungary, where hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian refugees are headed.
    CharityNavigator Report / Donate Here
  • UNICEF is one of the world’s longest running children’s charities. They are currently working to ensure “that Ukraine’s children have access to safe water, nutrition, health care, education and protection”.
    CharityNavigator Report / Donate Here
  • United Help Ukraine is currently bringing emergency medical aid and humanitarian relief to Ukrainian refugees and those on the ground. They also run projects for wounded soldiers, their families and the families of those killed in action.
    CharityNavigator Report / Donate Here

You can find more groups, charities and fundraising websites to check out at these links: NPR’s list / Forbes’s List / Heavy.com’s List   

It is fitting that today’s topic is about exploring the world outside of acting or your other creative pursuits. Because let’s face it, we’re living through a difficult time, where everything can change in an instant. So it is important that as a creative, you pursue things that are meaningful to you that have absolutely nothing to do with the industry. 

Here’s more on why a life outside of your career can improve your health—and even lead to greater success!

You’ll Be More Creative

I’m sure you’ve heard the expression, “Art imitates life.” If all your time is spent focused on acting classes, auditions, self-tapes, impressing this CD or that producer, social media followers, your next gig, and your next gig, and your next gig… where is your inspiration coming from?

Artists draw from life, from real experience and connection with the world. So don’t wait to take that vacation or spend time with your friends or learn a new skill. Pursue a rich and joyful life outside of acting, and that zest for life will also show up in your work.

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve planned a getaway and suddenly a great opportunity pops up. It’s not magic though! It’s because I’m not sitting by the phone waiting to hear from my agent; I’m busy enjoying my life.

You’ll Feel Better

It should go without saying that overworking yourself is not good for your health. I don’t care how many “that girl” tutorials you watch or 5-hour work week productivity books you read, the goal should not be to cram more than you can handle into even less hours. 

I am all about slowing down and listening to the rhythm of your body. 

When we aren’t taking care of ourselves and honoring what our body needs, everything feels soooo heavy and hard to do. Not to mention, spending all day, every day concentrating on work is monotonous. Our brains and bodies need stimulation!

And the elements of a full life – relationships, hobbies, community, charity, rest and reflection – are also activities that boost our mood and lift our spirits. 

You’ll Be More Resilient

If we have other aspects of our life that enrich and fulfill us and keep us curious and growing as individuals, then we experience setbacks in a different way too.

For example, when we don’t book that role, we don’t experience it as some extreme loss in our life because we have other things going on. Your life is full, so you feel like you have purpose and meaning that isn’t completely tied up in your creative pursuits.

For more tips on how to be more resilient, click here. 

So what is meaningful to you outside your artistic endeavors? Would love to know in the comments below. 


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